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Description :


Vidalista Professional is supposed to treat and abridge the condition of erectile dysfunction. It can also be helpful in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and also pulmonary artery hypertension in certain cases. Vidalista Professional comprises Tadalafil. Erectile dysfunction is brought about due to the undesirable action of the PDE-5 enzyme in the body. This enzyme works too rapidly on the cGMP and dissolves them prematurely. As one of the many phosphodiesterase inhibitors, Vidalista Professional  extend the cGMP and NO production in the body. This action helps in increasing the flow of blood into the penis and helping it gain an erection and maintain it for a significantly longer time period. Vidalista Professional is a manufacture developed by Centurion Laboratories. This Indian producer came on the pharmaceutical manufacturing scene in 2006. Besides generics, Centurion Labs creates pharmaceutical and nutraceutical cures related to sexual dysfunction, common cold and flu, pain and inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, heart issues, and psychiatric ones. All drug are prepared on manufacturing plants designed on the WHO guidelines. Centurion Laboratories follows the precept of helping people have a healthier lifestyle and creating a healthy society through providing them affordable but effective medicines.


How to take the dose of vidalista professional?


The dosage will be made understood to you by your doctor and you can make your doubts clear at the very time. These oral use tablets can be swallowed with water. Food intake does not affect the drug and hence you can take it either on an empty stomach or after a big meal. A single dose might vary from Professional to 10 mg, which totally depends on the resultant effects in your erection. If you seek weak erection with Professional, the dosage might be increased to 10mg per day or might be lowered to 2.Professional too if you can cope up with it as expected. As the medicine works for 36 hours after the consumption, you can take it any time before the sexual activity. For instance, you may take it 140 minutes to 2 hours before the intimacy. You may also see active consequence even after 24 hours of consumption. However, it works best when taken one-half hour before the sexual intercourse.


How Vidalista works?


vidalista professional is utilized by way of medicine for ED. Your phallus becomes erect as it packs with loads of blood. It comes about while the blood vessels that feed the phallus open up, amplifying the blood supply. Concurrently, the blood vessels that drain away blood from the member undergo contraction. The magnified amount of blood stays in the phallus, developing an erection. As a male experiences sexual stimulus, dissemination of nitric oxide starts in the member. Nitric oxide promotes the creation of cGMP that regulates the contraction and opening up of the blood vessels that transport blood towards and from your phallus. PDE5- inhibitors wipes out cGMP. As it comes to pass, the blood vessels revert to their usual dimension, and your erection ceases. Vidalista bars PDE5 from killing cGMP. This makes your erection to continue for a longer time.


Side effects :


  • Skin allergies
  • Breathing Problems
  • Decreased/Loss of Hearing
  • Painful / Prolonged Erection
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pain
  • Swelling of Body Parts 
  • Body Pain or Sudden Weakness

Dosage :


Missed Dose :

Since the drug is need to basis drug to be used before 1 hour of sexual activity. Dose missing is rare. However, if dose is missed, wait for next day and next sexual activity planned


Contact a doctor immediate if an overdose is suspected. You might require immediate medical attention if the overdose is grave.


Warning :


If you are taking nitrates, you must avoid taking Vidalista Professional tablet or generic tadalafil because it may cause a drop in your blood pressure. This is unsafe, especially if you have cardiovascular problems.

You should not consume this drug if you are using recreational drugs. They may interact with the medicine causing the unwanted reactions of your body to occur. If you have allergies to its ingredients, you should contact with your doctor. If you experience rash, swelling of the lips, difficulty breathing while taking this drug, you must call for immediate medical help. They are signs and symptoms of allergic reaction.


Storage :


Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of arrive of children. Store it at space temperature and away from excess heat and humidity.


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